Menehune Magic ™Soil Conditioners, Compost and Mulches are made from Recycled Greenwaste. Our Greenwaste comes to us from recyclers islandwide. We grind and windrow mulch to process. Processing compost is monitored constantly for moisture content and temperatures. As temps get to desired levels (approximately 140 degrees), the windrows are turned for aeration. This process goes on for 3-4 months until compost is mature.

We ship Menehune MAGIC™ Product to all Neighbor Islands in Bulk, in: 30yard open containers, 2 yard supersacks, or in our bags by the pallet!

Our Most Popular Blends

Lawn & Garden Blend
60% Menehune MAGIC Compost™
40% Screened Soil
11-52-0 Fertilizer
We recommend Menehune MAGIC™ Lawn & Garden Blend for general purpose gardening and lawn installation.

Tropical Blend
33% Menehune MAGIC™ Compost
33% Black Cinder (small 5/8")
33% Screened Soil
11-52-0 Fertilizer
Use this blend if extra drainage is needed. Potted plants or Tropicals such as heliconia, ginger, palms, anthuriums, bromeliads and ti do well in this blend.

Greens Blend
33% Menehune MAGIC™ Compost
33% C33 Washed Sand
33% Screened Soil
11-52-0 Fertilizer
We recommend this blend for topdressing lawns to fill bare spots and adjust drainage problems and reduce compaction.

1 cubic yard will fill a small pickup truck bed.
We load your truck for you. No minimum purchase requirement.
1 cubic yard covers 162 sq. ft. 2" thick.

For propagating seeds or planting starter plants, drench the blend before adding seed/starters to leach excess salt which is naturally high in compost and fertilizer.
Most Hawaii soils are nutrient deficient and contain very little organic matter. Experts recommend amending your soil with soil conditioning compost. Hawaiian Earth Products produces high quality compost and enhanced compost blends.

All blends have been thoroughly tested and carefully blended for your gardening success. For an added boost we enhance some blends with 11-52-0 fertilizer at no extra cost to you. We specialize in custom blends. If you'd like to add, eliminate or change ratio's of blends we'd be happy to accommodate your needs. We provide Menehune MAGIC™Compost, black cinder, dune sand, and fertilizer for blending needs.

Call us for landscape suggestions and problem solving. We're here to assist you! 808-682-5895.