Retail Prices are Quoted Per Cubic Yard (Bulk)

Menehune Magic™ Soil Conditioners, Compost and Mulches are made from Recycled Greenwaste. Our Greenwaste comes to us from recyclers islandwide. We grind and windrow mulch to process. Processing compost is monitored constantly for moisture content and temperatures. As temps get to desired levels (approximately 140 degrees), the windrows are turned for aeration. This process goes on for 3-4 months until compost is mature.


 photo 0d03a9c1-aada-491d-a799-c984becc18d3_zpslrlrm21p.jpgSoil Conditioner/Compost... $37.00
100% Organic. 7/16" screened. Used to blend with exsisting soil to improve soil health and fertility while increasing water retention. Recommended for lawns, vegetables gardens, and general gardening. Compost is what gives your flowers, plants, and vegetables the nutrients to grow.

 photo bc0bec59-02d3-41b2-8a56-7eb5a1151c4b_zpstcuagg8w.jpgC33 Washed Sand... $100.00

 photo c45fbe10-f6d0-449c-91a6-c56e7e8d790a_zpsu0wlbdn2.jpgLawn and Garden Blend... $41.00
60% Menehune "MAGIC" compost, 40% screened soil, 11-52-0 Fertilizer - our most popular blend! We recommend this blend for lawn installation and blending with exsisting soil for general gardening.

 photo 3a26b9f1-5459-468d-9e9d-10b9e64bcd12_zps4hnyyf27.jpgTropical Blend... $67.00
33% Menehune "MAGIC" compost, 33% screened soil, 33% 5/8" black cinder, 11-52-0 Fertilizer. Use this blend if extra drainage is needed. Potted plants and tropical flowers such as heliconia, ginger, palms, antheriums, and ti do well.

 photo f6e82700-fa11-4719-a516-09d3eb07df1b_zpsqm6kjtyj.jpgGreens Blend... $93.00
33% Menehune "MAGIC" compost, 33% screened soil, 33% dune sand, 11-52-0 Fertilizer. Use this blend for top dressing lawns, to fill bare spots, and adjust drainage problems. Also helps with compaction.

 photo 12036047-47d1-4809-8f10-72dae6cff6bd_zpsxwi5xa8z.jpgNursery Mix #1... $43.00
66% screened soil, 33% Menehune "MAGIC" compost. Use this blend to build up substantial height in your landscaping. We recommend to add in Menehune "MAGIC" compost to top it off.

 photo 3d24925a-9d9d-4f8c-b0ad-55b05930fdc2_zpsv67zelar.jpgNursery Mix #3... $42.00
50% screened soil, 50% Menehune "MAGIC" compost. Use this blend to build up a little height and to level out low areas.

 photo a84d9bd5-d42f-4c12-b651-a930308543d7_zpswnragiqj.jpgColor Mulch... $34.00
Deco Red or Brown Mulch... 3" Screened. Made from our wood waste (pallets and logs). This product is also great for beautifying existing landscapes.

Screen Soil/Brown......$50.00

Deco Mulch Natural...$26.00

5/8” Black Cinder... $140.00

Organic Blends:

Our compost and composted chicken manure are both listed by OMRI as CERTIFIED ORGANIC:

 photo 6413aeea-1c1c-4674-ac92-15e341c24be5_zps0xsj03de.jpg

Lawn and Garden... $44.00

Nursery Mix#1... $46.00

Nursery Mix #3... $45.00


Soil Conditioner/Compost... $43.00

Lawn and Garden Blend... $53.00

Tropical Blend... $81.00

Greens Blend... $107.00

Nursery Mix #1.... $55.00

Nursery Mix #3..... $54.00

Big Island:

Free Mulch

Bagged Products sold at HPM locations

Menehune "MAGIC" Organic Soil Amendment and Blends by bulk! COMING SOON!

Delivery Services  photo 3a9c0b56-8717-4c19-9a12-6000704ed53c_zpsiljamtdi.jpg

Hawaiian Earth Products wants you to experience the "magic" we see every day! We haul any of our Menehune Magic products right to your house anywhere on the island for $100.00 (up to 4 yards) plus the cost of the material.
Below is what our truck can haul:

Soil Conditioner (compost)...8 cubic yards.

All "Menehune Magic Blends"...8 cubic yards.

Deco or Color Mulch...8 cubic yards.

Delivery rates vary depending on location and difficulty-
We contract trucks that carry 1-30 cubic yards.


Wahiawa (Main Facility)
Mixed Greens by Ton: $41.00
Chips by Ton: $29.00
Mixed & Chips by Ton: $41.00
Logs Only by Ton: $54.00
Pallets by Ton: $54.00

Mixed Greens by Ton: $80.00
Chips by Ton: $68.00
Mixed & Chips by Ton: $80.00
Logs Only by Ton: $93.00
Pallets by Ton: $93.00

Waimanalo (No Scale-Flat Rate)
Regular pick-up truck with standard bed: $58.00
Regular pick-up truck with side boards: $87.00
Regular pick-up truck with standard bed w/logs: $87.00
Short flatbed w/no logs: $121.00
Short flatbed w/sideboards: $162.00
Long flatbed w/no logs: $182.00
Long flatbed w/sideboards: $242.00
Long flatbed w/logs: $242.00
Short truck w/chips: $138.00
Long truck w/chips: $231.00
Large Roll off truck: $692.00
Small Roll off truck: $415.00
Semi-truck: $866.00
Small wood load: $48.00
Medium wood load: $190.00
Large wood load: $333.00